Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home (Daughtry)

Yesterday, I was up in the Northend and, on my way home, thought I'd stop at the hospital to see how my dad was doing. He was to have been discharged from the hospital today. As I walked up to his room, that wasn't my dad in the bed. Thank goodness, I didn't go all the way into the room before I realized that it wasn't him.

The gal at the nurse's station said he was discharged earlier in the afternoon. So, I went to my dad's house & sure enough, he was there. He was quite a bit more coherent than the first time I saw him (the day after his surgery). He was still moving around like he was in pain, saying he was only going to be traveling from his bedroom to the bathroom to the living room chair & that it hurt to spend much time on his feet.

He said that the surgeons had to move his diaphragm & so now he is constantly hiccuping. While, physically, he may have been in pain, vocally, he didn't show any signs as he went on & on about the life my sister has chosen for herself.

Today, I brought him a lasagna to Food Save & freeze for future eats as he's not able to eat much right now. He was up on his feet for a good 15 minutes (at least) while we took care of the lasagna.

I think he's well on his way to a good recovery.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doctor Doctor (Thompson Twins)

Yesterday, my dad had bypass surgery & an aneurysm repaired. Today, after work, my sister & I went up to the hospital to see how he was doing.

We only got to spend maybe 10 minutes with him because about 2 minutes after we got there, the nurse came in & gave him a shot to put him to sleep. He conked out relatively quick after the shot.

The surgery went well, but my dad said it wasn't as expected. I don't know if he meant that something happened in the surgery itself or if the healing process is different than what he expected. He wasn't 100% coherent, so it was hard to hold a real conversation. But he kept saying that he was either really, really hot or really, really cold & he appeared to be in pain & the only pain meds he was being given (I think) was an epidural.

But, here's Dad giving his thumbs up that he survived the surgery. There's still a LOT of recoverin' left to do.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally Found (The Honeyz)

A couple weeks ago, we replaced Jeff's wedding band with a new titanium band, with the thought of as soon as we replace it, the old one will show up again. Guess what showed up again? The ring.

So, which ring is he wearing now? He isn't.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)

Last night, Amy, Derik, Aimee, Nicole & I went to Auburn's 4th annual S'mores Than You Imagine event held at Game Farm Park. There was S'mores (of course), Starbucks provided some warm beverages (coffee, cider & hot chocolate), face painting, a bon fire & ghost stories.

It was kinda a neat family event (read LOTS of kids running around). The night was perfect - no rain, full moon & thank goodness I had that blanket in my car to put on the metal bench.

Though, we didn't stay for the whole thing, I would go back next year (as long as it wasn't raining). I'd be sure to wear much warmer socks, too. Oh, and I'd get in line as soon as the Starbucks arrived. Good times!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Ring Around the Rosie (Various)

Jeff lost his ring sometime around the time we went camping back in August. We've looked just about everywhere for the darn thing & couldn't find it. So.... Last Saturday, we went back to the Shane Co. & bought a new ring for him.

The original ring was a simple white gold band. To get the same ring was going to be upwards of $500.

After trying on several titanium & tungsten rings, Jeff opted for the $70 titanium ring.

If he loses this one, we're not out a super-huge ton of moulah.