Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reunited (Peaches & Herb)

February 2nd came & went & aside from being Superbowl Sunday, Kim was in town & we had a small gathering at our home before she left. Regardless of the reason, it's always fun to get together with friends & this time was no exception. This was the first time Tialen, Ann & Nicholas were over at the McCarthy home.

2009 marks the 15th year since I've been in high school. Since so many of us are now on social networking sites (i.e. MySpace & Facebook), a few of us thought it would be fun to catch up face-to-face. There was somewhere around 25 or so alumni that gathered at a local bar. But I want more.... So I am going to help plan another 15 year reunion that shall take place later this summer. It probably will be semi-comparable to our 10 year reunion.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Chili & Rice
2. Facebook
3. Sale-A-Brations
4. Thank You's!
5. FREE Starbucks coffee & hot cocoa

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Change Will Do You Good (Cheryl Crow)

Can I just say WAHOO?!?!!? I am SO incredibly super excited to have a new president living in the White House. I'm not much into politics, but I think this election had me paying more attention than I ever have in the past. I just hope that Obama can fulfill his many hopes & goals he campaigned about.

Last Monday, Martin Luther King Jr holiday, I spent the day with Kat. We had a great time. After driving around for what seemed an eternity, we finally settled on where to go for lunch - Greek food at Costas Opa. We both agreed that next time, we need to try the thing they light on fire (a few tables around us had it & it looked delish!).

After lunch, we went driving around some more, this time to Fred Meyer so I could find some slippers that Tubbs so lovingly destroyed. I had no luck in finding slippers, but I found a pair of sunglasses that I wish I hadn't bought.

The afternoon was still young & so after Fred Meyer, we drove out to Golden Gardens for about 10 minutes. It was a gorgeous day outside, but frikkin' freezin'. Kat snapped a few photos, but we were eager to get back into the car. Sorry Amish guitar player. We'll have to watch ya next time.

What better way to spend a cold afternoon than enjoying some ice cream? I had Salty Caramel ice cream while Kat enjoyed some Honey Lavendar. We definitely wanna go back & check out some of the other awesome flavours Molly Moon's had to offer.

Finally, it was time to call it a day. Kat dropped me off at my car in Factoria where I proceeded to attempt some last minute shopping on the way home (still wanted to find some slippers). Once again, no luck.

I did, however, stop at Joanna's on the way home (there was too much rush-hour traffic on the 167 & the backroads took me right by her place). I had two pieces of business to take care of with her - 1. drop off something she had ordered through me before Christmas & 2. plan our trip to DISNEYLAND!!

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Travel deals
2. Free popcorn
3. Lie to Me
4. Suze Orman
5. Love You Much Bundle

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad (Michael Jackson)

I've been really bad lately about taking pictures... though some might disagree! This is the only picture I've taken in awhile!

Trina came up for a few days & we all got together for some yummy Chutney's brunch. I love me some tikka masala! And wherever there's bacon, you'll find Steve.

I hosted a game night this past Saturday, but for one reason or another, the majority of people who were invited didn't want to come. It ended up being a small crowd w/just 5 ladies. I, along with my friends who came, had a good time. Since we started around dinnertime, I suggested a potluck. I made Shepherd's Pie, Debbie brought a tasty (albeit garlicky) pasta dish, Aimee & Tracy brought some little breads & cucumber & cucumber dip (tastefully simple is always tasty!!) & Kathy brought a wonderful caesar salad, complete with my fave: avocado. We played Scattergories & Balderdash, of which, I rule! Maybe that's why others didn't want to come - they knew I'd kick their butts!

Sunday night, I babysat my train friend Amy's son, Derik. At 8 months old, he's still such a good baby. He likes to play with his noise-making toys, jump in his bouncy-toy & eat his sweet stars. Oh, and he really doesn't like being on his back (for a diaper change). I hope his diaper stayed on... it's a bit of a challenge diapering a baby from behind. Heh.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. No floods in our home
2. Store-bought grated carrots
3. American Idol starting up tomorrow
4. Haute Couture
5. People who want to buy my cards!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking (Nancy Sinatra)

After our (not so) wonderful cold & snowy weather the past couple weeks, my co-worker decided (& I agreed!!) that it was time I picked up some winter-y boots. This is what I got. Sorta. Mine are black/stone color. It's a Sorel Carabou boot, rated to -40°. My friend says this is what they wear in AK. They oughta keep my piggies nice & toasty (& dry!) next time there's any snowfall in these parts.