Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad (Michael Jackson)

I've been really bad lately about taking pictures... though some might disagree! This is the only picture I've taken in awhile!

Trina came up for a few days & we all got together for some yummy Chutney's brunch. I love me some tikka masala! And wherever there's bacon, you'll find Steve.

I hosted a game night this past Saturday, but for one reason or another, the majority of people who were invited didn't want to come. It ended up being a small crowd w/just 5 ladies. I, along with my friends who came, had a good time. Since we started around dinnertime, I suggested a potluck. I made Shepherd's Pie, Debbie brought a tasty (albeit garlicky) pasta dish, Aimee & Tracy brought some little breads & cucumber & cucumber dip (tastefully simple is always tasty!!) & Kathy brought a wonderful caesar salad, complete with my fave: avocado. We played Scattergories & Balderdash, of which, I rule! Maybe that's why others didn't want to come - they knew I'd kick their butts!

Sunday night, I babysat my train friend Amy's son, Derik. At 8 months old, he's still such a good baby. He likes to play with his noise-making toys, jump in his bouncy-toy & eat his sweet stars. Oh, and he really doesn't like being on his back (for a diaper change). I hope his diaper stayed on... it's a bit of a challenge diapering a baby from behind. Heh.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. No floods in our home
2. Store-bought grated carrots
3. American Idol starting up tomorrow
4. Haute Couture
5. People who want to buy my cards!

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