Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Change Will Do You Good (Cheryl Crow)

Can I just say WAHOO?!?!!? I am SO incredibly super excited to have a new president living in the White House. I'm not much into politics, but I think this election had me paying more attention than I ever have in the past. I just hope that Obama can fulfill his many hopes & goals he campaigned about.

Last Monday, Martin Luther King Jr holiday, I spent the day with Kat. We had a great time. After driving around for what seemed an eternity, we finally settled on where to go for lunch - Greek food at Costas Opa. We both agreed that next time, we need to try the thing they light on fire (a few tables around us had it & it looked delish!).

After lunch, we went driving around some more, this time to Fred Meyer so I could find some slippers that Tubbs so lovingly destroyed. I had no luck in finding slippers, but I found a pair of sunglasses that I wish I hadn't bought.

The afternoon was still young & so after Fred Meyer, we drove out to Golden Gardens for about 10 minutes. It was a gorgeous day outside, but frikkin' freezin'. Kat snapped a few photos, but we were eager to get back into the car. Sorry Amish guitar player. We'll have to watch ya next time.

What better way to spend a cold afternoon than enjoying some ice cream? I had Salty Caramel ice cream while Kat enjoyed some Honey Lavendar. We definitely wanna go back & check out some of the other awesome flavours Molly Moon's had to offer.

Finally, it was time to call it a day. Kat dropped me off at my car in Factoria where I proceeded to attempt some last minute shopping on the way home (still wanted to find some slippers). Once again, no luck.

I did, however, stop at Joanna's on the way home (there was too much rush-hour traffic on the 167 & the backroads took me right by her place). I had two pieces of business to take care of with her - 1. drop off something she had ordered through me before Christmas & 2. plan our trip to DISNEYLAND!!

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Travel deals
2. Free popcorn
3. Lie to Me
4. Suze Orman
5. Love You Much Bundle

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