Thursday, January 01, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking (Nancy Sinatra)

After our (not so) wonderful cold & snowy weather the past couple weeks, my co-worker decided (& I agreed!!) that it was time I picked up some winter-y boots. This is what I got. Sorta. Mine are black/stone color. It's a Sorel Carabou boot, rated to -40°. My friend says this is what they wear in AK. They oughta keep my piggies nice & toasty (& dry!) next time there's any snowfall in these parts.


joel said...

you realize, now that you have purchased boots, it's never going to snow again, right? :)

Jen said...

It snowed last night! haha!!

Just a light dusting though. I don't think I'll need the boots for that. Plus, I'm driving to work (not taking public transportation).

Trevil said...

I got me a pair the day I left for my trip, Skechers brand tho but OMG... Loves it~! They're so hot right now (especially with no clothes on) & uber comfy. Ok. bubye now.