Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby, Baby (Amy Grant)

My cousin, Deborah, had her twin girls tonight (about a month early). Sarah Faith weighed in at 5lbs at 8:47pm & Naomi Hope was born 4 minutes later & weighed a whopping 4 lbs 10 oz. It sounds like the labor went REALLY fast (less than 30 minutes of pushing).

My cousin, Molly, had her first born about 2 weeks ago. Owen Cosmos (my cousin-in-law is a huge Carl Sagan fan I'm told) was also born a few weeks early. I haven't talked to Molly, but according to her mom, Molly & baby are doing okay. It's taking a little bit to get used to motherhood, but they're doing fine.

And I can't forget to mention baby Mia, quite possibly one of the cutest babies I've seen in a really long time. She looks an awful lot like Steve. I hope she doesn't start snoring like Steve does, though.

Next Tuesday, I've got a baby shower for baby boy Buscarino (a co-worker who hasn't named her son yet). Next Saturday is Amy's baby shower for her soon-to-be born son, Derik Braden.

What is with all these babies lately? I'm glad I didn't drink the water last summer! Perhaps next summer, I'll take that big gulp, though.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Healthy babies
2. Happy new parents
3. Speedy deliveries
4. Raising money for those premature babies
5. Those sponsoring me in my March of Dimes walk

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have been in such a blah blogging mood as of lately... So blah that I haven't even wanted to update my blog. Maybe there's just not much to write about that my (few) readers would care to read about.

Steve & Airi had their baby girl 3 weeks ago. Baby Mia is so adorable & looks just like Steve.

Kim & Henry got married this past weekend. I've been thinking about her (& London) a lot lately & hoping they're having a marvy time on their honeymoon. I'm counting down the months before we'll get to travel across the Atlantic to visit with the Romero's.

I've recently tried a new home product called Two Sisters Gourmet. It's quite similar to Tastefully Simple (as far as products & prices), but there are a few differences. I tried 4 different dips this past weekend & I'm hooked! I'll be having a party at the end of April to help spread the word... Let me know if you're interested in coming or sampling some of the goodies.

Tomorrow, I celebrate my 7th anniversary at my job. It's the longest commitment I've ever had & it's passed in a blink. Crazy! Even moreso, my co-worker Faith (a.k.a. Hellboy) celebrated her 30th year today. We ordered a German Chocolate cake from Borracchini's Bakery (talk about delish!!) & had a mini party, complete with balloons & champagne poppers.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Greek starting up again in 2 weeks
2. Flickr
3. Corporate credit cards
4. LOW insurance rates
5. Baked chicken